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Programme 2023-2024
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De Hessenhof, A Nursery with Heart

Monday 9th October, 2023


Hans Kramer Specialist Nurseryman

Hans started selling plants as a teenager, in 1981 he took over the family farm which he has built up into a world class organic nursery.


He will tell us about the development of this nursery and the principles and practices he works by.


A man with unrivalled knowledge of perennials and a keen eye for neglected species he will show us some of his favourites and some of the new and unusual ones we should know about.


Klinta Tradgard - Planting for the Future

Tuesday 21st November 2023


Peter Korn Nurseryman and Garden Designer

Peter Korn and his partner Julia Andersson own and run a nursery at their home in Klinta, Sweden.


From the Tradgard he is setting convention on its head with gardens that defy usual practices. He propagates and grows using a deep layer of sand on top of an alkaline soil.

This toughens plants up for our now demanding climate.


Peter will telling us how to plant for the future, while increasing diversity and so  benefittinng valueable wildlife.



Pots for Winter Interest and Spring Joy


Monday 11th December, 2023


Harriet Rycroft, Queen of Pots

Head Gardener at Whichford Pottery for some fourteen years, Harriet became well-known for creating spectacular displays.

She will be talking about planting pots that will give joy right through until early summer.

Using illustrations from Whichford  and her own yard she will show you the plants and spring-flowering bulbs she uses to create a framework of colour and texture.


Harriet will also discuss some of the practicalities of creating and maintaining such displays.

alys (1).jpg

Polyculture - Eat What you Grow


Wednesday 17th January, 2024


Alys Fowler, Author, Gardener and Broadcaster

Having trained with the RHS, The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the New York Botanical Gardens, Alys now lives  and gardens in Aberystwyth.


A regular contributor to The Guardian she has written more than 8 gardening books.

Alys maintains a garden full of great things to eat and in this talk will look at how to set up a polyculture garden that celebrates biodiversity as well as deliciousness. She will look at propagation methods, polyculture combinations, perennial vegetables and soil fertility.


Creating Movement whilst Frozen Still


Monday 12th February, 2024


Ben Pope, Horticulturalist and Head Gardener

Ben's early education in art and design led to his appreciation of good patterns and colour.


He currently leads a team that is developing and maintaining a private garden in West Sussex.


Alongside his role as Head Gardener he lectures at the Chealsea Physic Garden and West Dean College as well as writing regularly for Gardens Illustrated.

Ben is also a member of the RHS Herbaceous Plant Committee.

This will be a seasonal talk looking at the structure of a winter garden and how to achieve interest during the cold months. Ben will identify the plants to use , detailing any specific needs or aesthetic uses.

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A Buzz in the Garden - Gardening for Bees


Wednesday 13th March, 2024


Richard Rickitt, Co-Editor BeeCraft Magazine 

Richard once worked in special effects in film and tv productions but now is one of the UK's best known beekeepers.

He is co-editor of BeeCraft, a magazine that has been in print since 1919, and is now read around the world.

His particular interest is in the interaction between bees and the environment.

There are almost 300 species of UK bees which, along with other pollinators, are responsible for more than one third of everything we eat as well as the reproduction of our plants.

This fascinating talk introduces many of the bees found in the UK and explains how you as a gardener can make a valuable contribution to their survival by creating a pollinator oasis in your garden or even windowbox.

Richard is the author of the forthcoming book Beekeeping for Gardeners.



Fifty Shades of Green


Thursday 18th April, 2024


Razvan Chizu, Garden Designer 

Razvan currently works a Social Media Manager for the Alpine Garden Society as well as writing for various magazines, lecturing and leading tours.

He grew up in Transylvania, surrounded by vast woodlands and species rich meadows, a fact that influenced the way he designed gardens.


His interests range from alpine plants and bulbs, succulents , fruit and heirloom vegetables, ferns and orchids, to perennials, shrubs and trees.

'Fifty Shades of Green' starts by exploring leaves, their diversity of shape, size, colour and texture, and then continues by giving examples of how foliage plants can be used to great effect in your garden.



Bath Lecture1 tiff.tif

Patagonian Plants with Ornamental Potential


Thursday 16th May, 2024


Marcela Ferreyra, Botanist.

Marcela is a botanist, teacher and botanical tour guide.

For almost twenty years she has worked as a guide for groups of visitors that travel through Patagonia to photograph its flora.


Patagonia hosts a wide range of ecological regions such as rainforest and alpine zones, steppe and mountains.


This talk will focus on plants with ornamental potential . Flowering perennials and small shrubs will be shown in their own habitat, the spectacular region of Patagonia.



This an opportunity to hear from someone who has always had this special environment close to her heart.

The meeting will start with the AGM

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